I love creating. designing. developing. gaming. anime.

Hi Everyone! My name is Quinten, or like my friends call me 100chilly. I am a Web Developer/Designer, Programmer, and a Gamer.

I've worked on a ton of stuff over the course of twenty one years on Earth. Below are some of my works, both past and current.

Projects I've worked on

Note: Please read each website's description as some of the Emails and Links may no longer work!
Binary Gaming
Binary Gaming (2011-2015)

This was a gaming community I ran from 2011-2015. I severely underestimated the potential outcome for the community and therfore it was moved over to another community (See last card on page).

BinaryTech Coalition

BinaryTech Coalition was a Player-Made Faction for the indie game, Space Engineers. This was a branch of Binary Gaming and is no longer active.

Qubed Q3
Qubed Q3

My current project I'm associated with. Qubed Q3 is a sister group of gamers, artists, streamers, and content creators from QubeTubers. We recently just started up and are looking for people to come on the Discord Server, hang out, and play some games with. If you feel like helping out with our current projects feel free to drop by our Github and start coding!


Quinten (100chilly)
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